Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Culture, Values & Ethos

Our focus on our environment, our customers and our employees sets us apart from others. We believe by investing in our people and creating a positive working environment we all benefit. We are constantly striving to ensure our employees share our aim of being the best we can be.

We are proud of our long standing relationships with customers formed on honest and open communication, we strive to keep integrity and openness at the forefront of our ambitions as we continue to grow.

Our People

We are committed to remaining people focussed and providing appropriate training and development to fulfil our employees' objectives. Our Personal Development Review Plan allows our employees to recognise and achieve both short and long term aims. Investing in our people is a key factor in our organisation's values as we believe that their capabilities and 'can do' attitude define the GBS service.

GBS operates an Equal Opportunities Policy.

Our Environment

We recognise our activities have an impact on the environment and are continually seeking to improve our performance in this area. Our environmental objectives are set out in the GBS Environmental Policy, which is implemented across the organisation with the commitment of all employees to meet the aims of the policy.

Our Community

One of our aims for 2014 is to give something back to the communities in which we work, we will be looking for opportunities to make local donations on projects in which we feel we can contribute for the benefit of the community.